Officers of the Department

Rich Carani, Chief

Eric Carlson, Assistant Chief

Ben Susor, Lieutenant

Sue Krueger, Secretary – Treasurer

Station 1 Members

Casey Cox

Don Cupp

Dave Edwards

Devon Gaszak

Ayden Harris

Charlie Imlah

Lance Krolczyk

Dan Lincoln

Jim Pozniak

Luke Taylor

Station 2 Members

Jeff Friedland, Station Captain

Don Kort, Station Captain

Bob Patoka

Jeff Pease

Tony Kemnitz

Junior Members

Chiefs, current and former

Chief Carani

Chief Rich Carani – From 2023 to Present

Chief Luke Taylor    From 2019 to 2023

Chief Luke Taylor  ~  From 2019 to
Chief Andy Petrowski  ~  From 1997 to 2019

Chief Andy Petrowski    From 1997 to 2019

Chief Jim Braun    From 1986 to 1997

Chief Jim Braun  ~  From 1986 to 1997
Chief Larry Bosacki  ~  From 1970 to 1986

Chief Larry Bosacki    From 1970 to 1986

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